Why Choose Us?


Consulting Smart Ltd is a small, but agile, smart technologies consultancy and project management organisation. We have a plastic card background dating back to the 1980’s, in Financial Services and Payment Schemes.

We are a relatively young company, but our core team of specialists has a breadth and depth of experience larger organisations envy.


Our understanding of service and quality is different to other companies:

  • We listen to what you say, but will tell you what you need, which is often very different
  • We give best advice, even if it means that we turn down projects we don’t believe we can deliver
  • We treat all clients as partners and form long-term associations that protect everyone’s reputation
  • We are business people first, so have a deep understanding of the issues our clients face, such as the increasing pressure of speed-to-market, cost efficiency, improving the customer experience, increasing functionality and improving security
  • We tell you about the benefits of using technology, rather than blinding you with technobabble
  • Leaders

    As thought leaders, we help to deliver the answers to the biggest questions people are asking in the smart technologies industry. We do this by producing research reports and white papers. We also lead and participate in industry associations and forums such as:

  • The Smart Card Networking Forum (SNCF)
  • Local Authority Smartcard Standards e-Organisation (LASSeO)
  • UK Cards Association Mobile Contactless Steering Group
  • UK Cards Association Contactless Rollout Committee
  • NFC Forum
  • European Payments Council – Mobile Remote Payments JWB Member, Brussels

  • We have worked with Steve (Managing Director, Consulting Smart Ltd) for a number of years now on a variety of industry projects and initiatives and have always found his knowledge and enthusiasm for the smart card and card payment business most refreshing. He remains one of the few 'go to' people who can cover, from firsthand experience, the complete range of technical and operational challenges faced by our industry

    David Baker

    David Baker - Banking Consultant, The UK Cards Association

    Consulting Smart Ltd has an excellent grasp of the smart card business and understands how organisations can benefit.

    Steve Pennant

    Steve Pennant,Programme Manager, London Connects