VISA by Visa

Multi-tiered Loyalty Scheme Design

The Challenge

Visa wanted to create a multi-tiered mobile loyalty offering to member banks. They intended to source offers from a wide variety of retailers, which would be made available to all Visa cardholders at participating banks. In addition, Visa planned to broker unique offers for cardholders on behalf of individual member banks. Such a scheme would place Visa at the forefront of mobile payments. It would also add value for member banks by providing a mobile method to generate increased volume. Cardholders would benefit too, as they would save money on every day purchases.

Our Approach

Consulting Smart initially conducted a market analysis on emerging technologies and operational schemes. We then considered internal user group reviews and vendor field assessments, and developed a deployment strategy. This included the launch and promotional strategeis of the mobile offers engine, which incorporated incremental developments such as Location Based Services, QR Codes and group savings.

The Result

The strategy was well received by the client and a high priority project with senior leadership team sponsorship was initiated. ​ The product was taken up by Lloyds and RBS initially and is now part of the mobile offering from Visa.

Consulting Smart Ltd and Steve in particular have a high degree of competency demonstrating excellent leadership skills and a willingness to get involved in the detail as part of the team.

Steve’s drive, enthusiasm and energy are an impressive combination and add to his effectiveness in forming teams across suppliers and client and developing productive relationships.

Andy Lobb, Consultant, Visa Europe

A host of companies are competing for dominance in the digital-wallet market, including Google, PayPal MNO’s and specialist wallet vendors. The is no doubt that by Visa will indeed be the lead contender

Steve Beecroft, Managing Director, Consulting Smart Ltd.