University of Brighton

University of Brighton

Campus Card Scheme Design

The Challenge

The University of Brighton needed to consolidate number of tokens and cards issued to students for access to buildings, and services provided by third party suppliers, such as caterers. The Technical Services Manager recognised that the University didn’t have the in-house knowledge or expertise to design, build and implement a multi-application smartcard scheme that would meet student requirements.

Our Approach

We conducted several site surveys and a series of discovery sessions with key stakeholders and service providers. From the information gathered we were able to produce a scheme design for centralised Card Issue and Management System and multiple applications. We then put together a project plan that outlined the logical order for implementation, based on the availability of funds and the University’s overall strategy for service delivery.

The Result

The solution included Follow Me Printing, Access Control, Cashless Catering, Pre-paid, Library, Health Club, Registration & Attendance. The final phase of the project was completed only 15 months from inception. The scheme is now used by over 30,000 students, staff and suppliers.