University of the Arts, London

University of the Arts

Campus Card Scheme Design & Implementation

The Challenge

The University of the Arts, London, made a commitment to students to modernise the way in which services were delivered. Improving security across all campus buildings was a priority and they also wanted to be able to track and manage assets. Although the University wanted to use pre-payments, they weren’t sure about what other services could be provided.

Our Approach

We followed our tried and tested method, which involves conducting site surveys and discovery sessions with key stakeholders, service providers and prospective vendors / partners. On this occasion these included Transport for London (Oyster), several high street banks and payment card issuers. After producing a Scheme Design and Implementation Plan we were then asked to continue our involvement and deliver the Operating Model, Use Cases and Activity Diagrams and provide consultancy during the build and implementation phases.

The Result

The scheme has now been delivered as a networked solution across all campus buildings and the client is exceptionally happy with their improved security, better asset tracking, using RFID tags and increased revenue from the pre paid element. Additional functionality delivered included “follow me” printing, exam attendance recording, cashless catering and discounts / loyalty. Student engagement has increased and a satisfaction survey delivered excellent results.