London Borough of Greenwich

London Borough of Greenwich

The Challenge

Greenwich Council had an existing Citizen’s Card scheme in place, but was finding it too expensive to run. This was due to both individual transaction costs and the cost of checking transaction accuracy. The existing scheme also lacked flexibility, because 2 separate cards had to be issued for rent and council tax, although in most instances only one resident was responsible for making both payments. Card issue cost represented a huge overhead at £16 per person per year. ​ The goal was to identify a more flexible and cost efficient solution, which would improve service to the public and reduce running costs.

Our Approach

Consultancy ​ Consulting Smart researched the Bill Payment arena and short-listed potential providers for the basic solution. We then identified some innovative additional services that could be incorporated in the basic solution (libraries, leisure), and identified a supplier to provide this functionality. ​ A scheme design document was produced detailing the various options for each of the supplier combinations, and distributed to the Finance Director and Leader of the Council for review.

The Result

Both the Financial Director and the Leader felt that our professional guidance was required during implementation, so Consulting Smart joined the Executive Board for the project. ​ The card scheme was initially insourced and later moved to PayPoint, as an open scheme provided much more payment flexibility for residents. ​ The Council met its cost reduction goals and also improved the customer experience.

Consulting Smart Ltd have been supplementing my team (Business transformation) for 4 years. As Change and IT Project Managers they have successfully identified requirements, sourced solutions, recommended change strategies and delivered numerous projects that realise efficiencies, both physical and financial.

Karen Barnes, Head of Business Transformation, London Borough of Greenwich