Digital Wallet

Consulting Smart Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet

The Challenge

Consulting Smart was appointed by a major payment network, to provide Management Consultancy and Programme Management for the first steps towards commercialisation of a Digital Wallet. This was to be the first Network Digital Wallet the client had ever deployed. ​ In addition to monetising the wallet, our client sought to optimise market share and to increase loyalty.

Our Approach

We conducted a review of all of our client’s initial requirements, as well as aspirational services for the Digital Wallet. We then walked leadership through a developmental path for implementation and incremental upgrading of the wallet to the desired “Point of Arrival”. This strategy, which took the Digital Wallet through several versions, considered all commercial elements including market readiness, technical capabilities roadmap, invest to grow, budget and industry evolution. Once the Strategic Roadmap for the rollout of the Digital Wallet was agreed, we assembled a core programme team, created the Governance and Workstream structure and initiated the programme. ​ As part of this assignment our consultants initiated a process of knowledge transfer to ensure that construct details of this emerging technology, and how it is has been assembled remain with the client for overseeing future development of later versions of the Digital Wallet.

The Result

The Strategic Roadmap was very well received, the first phase of the programme to develop a Digital Wallet was implemented and Knowledge Transfer to the client side Programme Team was completed to the satisfaction of the client. ​ Consulting Smart remains an advisor to the client for the future development of the Digital Wallet.