Cambridgeshire County Council

Cambridgeshire County Council

Citizens Card Scheme Design

The Challenge

Cambridgeshire County Council ran a number of smart card schemes. Each one had its own card, issuing process and office, which caused residents a lot of confusion and frustration. This situation impacted customer service levels and was also very expensive to run and manage. ​ The Council wanted to launch to launch a multi-application Citizen Card that would give users access to local transport, leisure centres, libraries and school meals.

Our Approach

Consultancy​ ​ Our client was focussed on centralising administration in order to save money, so the obvious recommendation would have been to build a CRM system that could process all types of card. However, this would not significantly improve customer experience. ​ Before undertaking any planning activities, Consulting Smart undertook a research project to identify industry best practice. This resulted in the design of a scheme with a unique card community structure, suitable card technology and card management system, which both reduced costs and improved the customer experience. ​ The stakeholder management strategy we created, highlighted the importance of proving feasibility and gaining buy-in from all parties early on. The business cases we developed for each scheme participant, helped to secure funding from both the private and public sector. ​ Consulting Smart produced a visionary document with key milestones, gate reviews, high-level assumption log, risk register and estimated timings. These were used to benchmark the Invitation to tender responses

The Result

Our recommendations significantly improved customer experience, increasing resident engagement and usage. Efficiencies were gained in two service areas totalling 6 figure annual savings. The build phase of the project was launched smoothly and in a controlled manner with first class synergies between vendors, participants and the authority.